• To bring together a group of people who are dedicated, committed, knowledgeable and has the will to contribute, in a professional manner, towards enhancing occupational safety and health in Malaysia.

Individual Membership:

  • Who has been practising in the area of occupational safety and health for at least 5 years and has the desire to promote OSH to a higher level; or
  • Has contributed significantly in the area of policy development and implementation, research and teaching of OSH.

Corporate Membership:

  • A corporation which has successfully implemented the OSH-MS and the system is recognised by NIOSH.
  • A non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose main objective for its inception is to promote OSH amongst its members.

An individual or corporation may be admitted to be a member of NIOSH by invitation at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Invitation will be by the virtue of his / her / their contribution towards OSH and / or NIOSH. Members admitted by the invitation are exempted from paying the joining fee or the annual membership fee.

Qualifications and admission

  • Ordinary membership is open to individuals who are Malaysian citizens and corporations incorporated under the Companies ACT 1965 or organisations set up under the Societies ACT 1966 which have the same or similar objectives or an interest in achieving the Institute’s objectives.
  • Non-citizens may be admitted as Associate Members but shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold any office.
  • Applications for membership shall be in the prescribed from addressed to the Executive Secretary.
  • Membership for corporations is limited to companies approved but the Board and does not include subsidiary companies. Subsidiaries are required to submit separate applications for membership. As such, membership benefits are only given to the registered company. This is also applicable to companies which are members of a society/ body with NIOSH membership. Benefits of membership are only given to the society/ body and does not extend to its members. Members are required to submit separate applications for membership.
  • Corporate membership entities the corporation to submit names of up to three nominees as members to represent them.
  • Successful application will be officially informed and payment for membership fee should be made within 3 months offer the approval.

Criteria Membership

  • The duration of membership is one [1] calendar year.
  • Applications for membership approved before June 30 are required to pay the full yearly fee. Those approved after July 1, are required to pay half the yearly fee for the first year.